So you don't like the way Greenburgh is Zoning?

You don't think Greenburgh picking up a few hundred thousand dollars in one year is worth an ongoing:

  • Substantial increase in danger we are asking our public safety men and women to bare?

  • $500,000 in net costs the current Edgemont/Greenville Taxpayers will have to absorb every year going forward?

  • Environmental impact to the homes along the route below and in the adjacent community north of the proposed site?

  • Implication that Greenburgh can simply zone around any law it wants with variances while ignoring data?

You can send an email the following addresses, together or separately, and state your unhappiness with the Town.

Let them know this factors in to your confidence in them as a governing body. If you live in Edgemont, you can also let them know your dissatisfaction by considering signing the petition to incorporate so that Edgemont can have it's own Zoning and Planning authority. You can also try and vote them out of office next November. 

Then share this on Facebook and let your neighbors know what's happening so they can do the same.