Shelbourne is telling us this facility will do around 100 calls per year, but the limited data points to 20-30% more. Why won't they give us other data?

Shelbourne operates 6-8 facilities in any given year, and has operated each of them for 2-4 years. which means they have between 12 and 32 facility-years worth of data. However, the application for the Sprainbrook property has a single facility for a single year, what they could submit. Why isn't there more data in the application before the zoning board?  

According to 3 different managers of local elder care businesses, the key to understanding the emergency vehicle impact is to compare facilities that do exactly the same thing. Specifically for assisted living, the best set of numbers must come from other strictly assisted living facility with similar occupancy rates, and certainly not ones that have other types of care such as memory, nursing, or other facilities which require trained round-the-clock medical staff. The reason is that those medical staff handle emergency calls from assisted living when they are not utilized by residents requiring more specialized care and this dramatically skews the numbers.

Source: The Formation-Shelbourne application for Greenburgh NY.

Source: The Formation-Shelbourne application for Greenburgh NY.

The one year they did submit was for the Solana Roseland NJ, a facility they recently sold within 3 years of purchase. Solana Roseland was supposed to be the model numbers for strictly assisted living. However, that facility (recently sold to Atria brand) is currently operating memory care as well, with open occupancy (Click Here). The front page specifically stipulates that they provide 24 hour medical care, which creates a level of call handling prior to calling 911. 

This Sprainbrook facility will not have 24 hour care as they are not a mixed use facility.

Also, there is no submitted number of what the occupancy rate was during the data year observed. All we know is that 106 "911" calls were made for a facility with a smaller number of beds, with potentially an internal medical staff.

This is no where near an apples to apples comparison. 

The Solana in Houston Texas does operate as strictly assisted living (Click Here), and in 2014 had 112 calls (when we include their private EMS services) with 87 beds. This application here is for 94 beds. Thus, if we assume the same occupancy rate and similar population, the number of calls would be between 120 and 130 "911" calls

The Shelbourne Application provided to the Greenburgh Zoning Board has inapplicable and insufficient data.