The applicant and the Town continue to say that this facility with access more than a mile away from a major road in a quiet neighborhood is the same as other facilities.

Let's look at Their suggested Comparables

Solana Roseland


The Solana Roseland, submitted by the applicant as the model comparable (with 106 calls/year), has fewer beds and on site medial staff to intercept 911 calls. This facility would have no such staff. It is also located with 300 feet of an interstate. 

Brightview Tarrytown


The Brightview facility, the neighboring residents of which the town has surveyed to determine the noise impact. However, this facility is also with 200 feet of 119/Tarrytown Road and 500 feet from I-287.

The other example facilities are all within 200-300 feet access of a Major Road or Highway, but not Shelbourne's application in Greenburgh, NY. If it were within 200 feet, it would be a lawful transaction without the need for a variance. 


The Solana Houston, TX


Westchester Meadows, Valhala


Atria Woodlands, Ardsley