On The Routes

This discussion reviews the difficulty and Hazard of Underhill Road, and the Commissioners and Fire Chief end it with noting that their job is to get to where they need to get to, no matter what the difficulty. Click on the image to right to watch and listen. 

On the call Volume

Greenville FD requests data from the applicant. Their application provides one year of one facility, when they’ve owned 6 for several years. That one shows over a 100 911 calls (which require response, predominantly from GFD). Click on the image to right to watch and listen.

What the applicant will contribute

Paul Feiner learns that if this application goes through, the Town will receive between $150-200K one time for capital improvements, and up to $500K/year in taxes if and when the facility remains at full occupancy. Assuming 75% occupancy, that's about $65K/year for all the services it consumes. Click on the right to watch and listen, and click here for comparable payment and consumption of services. 

Discussion at 11/17 Zoning Board on Safety and Expense

Walter Groden, a qualified and experienced public safety expert and Greenville Fire District commissioner, appears personally at ZBA to discuss Shelbourne safety and potential expense issues at Sprainbrook Nursery site. Walter provides specifics about the process of identifying dangers, the disaster theory of reform, and his experience in driving Fire Trucks and the dangers of Underhill road. 

Helene Orce's Personal RESPONSE TO Groden's 11/17 DISCUSSION

Helene Orce, Chair of Fire District Commissioners, has been a personal and vocal supporter of the Shelbourne application, responds personally to Walter Groden's testimony at the 11/17 Zoning Board meeting. In her letter, she states that in her personal opinion, she believes Underhill is no less safe than "any other roads with double lines" (without providing any evidence, specifications, or experience driving the Fire Trucks, other than her belief) and that the "[fire]men would simply [have] to work harder during their shifts" without proving or providing data that can be held accountable that this wouldn't contribute to significant incremental costs. 





The Greenville Fire District responded to a Conditional Negative Declaration by the Town ZBA. The letter comments that the Town has a "fundamental misunderstanding" and that the "analysis is inflated and irrelevant." Review the letter here.