How did we get here?

Assisted living facilities offer important services for the elderly and their families, but they require substantial land, access to commercial areas, and perhaps most importantly, easy access to emergency services as they do not provide their own medical staff and must therefor rely upon local government to provide emergency medical services to be funded entirely at taxpayer expense. Greenburgh's zoning code stipulates assisted living facilities must be on 4 acres of land, and must be with 200 feet of a state or county right-of-way (state or county road), and access to such right-of-way must be direct and not through a "circuitous route." 

Formation-Shelbourne partners, a $2B private equity firm that develops and sells elderly care facilities is looking to buy the Sprainbrook Nursery, a 3.79 Acre lot at the corner of Underhill and Sprain Road. The closest state or county right-of-way to the proposed site is Central Park Avenue, at over 6000 feet away. Not only is the distance over 6000 feet, but's also via Underhill Road, a hazardous and curvy road with two "S" curves, a known dangerous segment requiring improvements.

Thus, Formation-Shelbourne partners needs a variance from the Town in order to legally build its assisted living facility on the Sprain Brook Nursery site. And the town has the option to study the data presented by the applicant and also to independently investigate on behalf of the residents. However, if the Town actually does the study, they are then bounded by the results of that study. This creates a perverse incentive not to look at the data. A petition was created in May to demonstrate community interest in such a study with 230 signatures. 

The Town has pressed forward on this issue and Paul Feiner continues to assert that Formation-Shelbourne's project would create a substantial win for the residents of Edgemont because of the amount of taxes the facility will pay to the School District and Fire District. But since town officials have refused to carefully study and verify the data from the applicant, critical points are willfully being ignored

Zoning board Video from 10/20/2016

Click on the video below to hear a brief explanation of the concerns
of over 230 residents, many of which live along Underhill Road. 


Subsequent to this video being aired at the zoning board, the claim was made that there was no data to support the claims when all we spoke about was distance. 


Click on the video below to hear the explanation

Apparently, there's nothing to see here and we should ignore the long term impacts of this zoning decision.